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    ASSESSMENT 1: Typing Exam

    Instructions: Open a new browser Go to TypingTest and Choose 5 minutes test / Certificate. Once ready click the Start Test

    Note: Take a standardized 5-minute certification test to prove your typing speed and accuracy to others and upload your Typing Skills Certificate

    Your Typing Speed

    Your Accuracy/Errors

    Your Net Speed

    Upload a copy of the Results/Certificate

    ASSESSMENT 2: English Proficiency (Requires a headset)

    Instructions: Open your browser to

    1. Grammar Level Test

    Your Grammar Exam Level Result*

    2. Listening Level Test

    Your Listening Exam Level Result*

    ASSESSMENT 3: Human Metrics

    Instructions: Open your browser to HumanMetrics and based on the result check your Personality Type below.

    ASSESSMENT 4: How Emotionally Intelligent Are You?

    Instructions: Open the link MindTools

    Evaluate each statement as you actually are, rather than as you think you should be.When you've finished, click "Calculate My Total," and use the table that follows to think about the next steps.

    Your Score


    Instructions: Open the link IQTestExperts

    There are 30 questions that you will need to answer within 15 minutes. The test will automatically submit once 15 mins are up

    Your Score

    ASSESSMENT 6: DISC Personality Testing

    Instructions: Open the link DISC Test

    When you click on the button to open the free DISC assessment window, you'll be on your way to learning more about your DISC personality style.

    Your Personality Style

    ASSESSMENT 7: Customer Service and Support Assessment Test, Interviews & Role Play Scenarios

    Instructions: Provide the best email response on the following scenario

    1. Customer: Hi there, I bought this computer 3 days ago, but it doesn’t perform as well as described on the website. I chose my platform and the games I would be playing, but the computer doesn’t come anywhere close to hitting the frame rate that the manufacturer said it would even on the lowest graphic settings. I’d like to return it.


    2. Customer: This isn’t the first time your software has glitched out on me! I pay a lot of money to use this presentation tool, and if I don’t complete the project by tomorrow, I risk losing a major client!


    3. Customer: Hello! I’m very interested in buying one of your down-feather jackets. The price is right, and it’s exactly what I’m looking for. But unfortunately, it is out of stock. Do you know when you’ll be getting more?


    4. Customer: Good afternoon! I recently purchased a swivel chair from your store, but every time I pivot, it makes a loud and bothersome squeak.


    5. Customer: Hi! I’ve been using your product for a few months now and so far, everything is great! However, I feel like it is lacking in branding customization options. Will you be able to add more functionality in the next update?


    ASSESSMENT 8: Voice Assessment

    Instructions: Upload a Voice recording (Introduction, Summary of professional experience, and Skillset)

    If you can't upload the recording below, send a copy to jana@primeview.com. Make sure to compress the file.

    Voice recording File