Virtual Assistant Outsourcing is providing offshore staff to the US within any industry where the job function or process of the staff can be performed remotely in the Philippines. One of the most in-demand services is Administrative.

An organization can run successfully with the help of good quality administration assistants.

Why assistant offshore?

Most of the actual work in the professional services industry is performed using cloud-based software or edge computing, so the team’s physical location is irrelevant.
A lot of the work can be done at any time – not just during business hours.

Frequently Administrative services roles:

  • Virtual Admin Assistant
  • Personal Assistant
  • Data Encoder
  • Data Entry Specialist
  • Data Analyst
  • Reports Analyst
  • Data Researcher
  • Order Processing / Fulfilment Specialist
  • Customer Service Representative
  • Recruiter

Choose between Weekly
or Monthly Plans

Weekly plan only covers one-week amount of work depending if you choose a 20 or 40 hours weekly prepaid plan. Mostly preferred by budget entrepreneurs. Ideal for those who aren't sure how many hours they'll need, or for a specific, short-term project which doesn't require prior scoping.

Monthly plan, on the other hand covers four weeks or one month prepaid work depending if you choose 80 or 160 hours of weekly prepaid work. A monthly prepaid plan saves your time and effort receiving weekly invoice and weekly bills payment. With just one monthly invoice, you are all set focusing on high-priority tasks. For our busiest clients, a powerhouse assistant dedicated to your needs with priority turnaround and first-class service

Frequently Asked Questions

Virtual Assistants Outsourcing is an outsourcing agency that specializes in the offshore recruitment of reliable and long-term Virtual Assistants, mainly based in the Philippines. We provide the entire outsourcing process for our clients from start to-end, that includes: planning, hiring, briefing, project managing, HR, payroll and disruption or replacement cover.

With over 5 years of experience in the outsourcing industry, our company has developed interview, screening, training and reward programs that result in reliable and long-lasting relationships with highly skilled Virtual Employees. We take the time to understand the hardships our clients face when it comes to recruiting hard working, dedicated staff. The Philippines is renowned for its rich talent pool. This makes us adept at finding and recruiting the best talent for our clients.

Virtual Assistants Outsourcing can provide offshore staff within any industry where the job function or process of the staff can be performed remotely. The 8 major industries we service include:









English is a national language (3rd largest English-speaking nation in the world with 93% literacy rate). English is the primary language for business and education in the Philippines and The Philippines was named three times as the `Offshoring Destination of the Year` by the UK body National Outsourcing Association.

Nearly anything your team does via a computer program or over the phone can be done remotely, by an offshore team. All they need is the right skills, training, support and software to do the job. Filipino professionals are, by nature, hard workers. They take great pride in their work and focus on quality assurance.

You should provide training on your company’s history, products, services, processes, special software, tone of voice and policies - as relevant. You’ll also need to communicate tasks and responsibilities to your remote team, check in on their progress and answer their questions. We recommend using project management and CRM systems and Voip or text-chat software. Daily communication helps everyone feel like part of a team and gets the best outcome for your business.

Other Industries We Serve

I.T Professionals
Contact center